Already a memory

Tonight as i was looking through my pictures, I came across all of my summer ones,  that i love even more the second time i look at them! (i LOVE when that happens) many i don't remember noticing as good pictures or as my favorite, but when i look back now I love them!  
It was actually sad looking at my summer pictures because it really hit me that winter is coming! and summer is already a memory :(

But on the bright side i have 2 photoshots this weekend !!! YEAH !!! sooo excited !!

sorry for the long absence, but hopefully i will have some MN. pictures up soon.  It was a blast but i have lots of pictures to edit so i will just show you a few other pictures from earlier this summer!
All pictures taken in my mothers beautiful gardens!  

It has taken me a while to realize that my "kit lens" (the lens that comes with the camera) is really a pretty good lens.  All of these pictures where taken with it and I was impressed with how close the lens let me go!

( not sure if i made any sense but anyway here are the pictures !)

 I'm a sucker for daisies ! especially pink ones !

  I have multiple pictures from this bush from every season, including winter !

 I love these things !

   I think the black and white makes the picture more dramatic!

Thats all for tonight, stay tuned !!