Beautiful sky

On Saturday I happened to be outside when the sun was setting, and man am I glad I was.  The sky was so colorful and gorgeous that I ended up staying in the field taking pictures till dark.  Every time I would put my camera away and start making my way towards the house I would see something else picture worthy!  

I am publishing this post tonight because i don't think i will have time to get it on here this week, and there probably will not be a post for a while.  I will be busy with volleyball and at the end of the week I am going to MINNESOTA yeah!  but i promise some photos when i get back  -- have a great week !

 Straight out of the camera !

 Love the mountains in this one.

 I feel so blessed to live in a place with such natural beauty!

 I usually don't crop my photos much but i love the panoramic look to this !
(you may have to click on this one to see more detail, i could not get it to go any bigger)

Oh i was not alone watching the sunset ;)
I took many pictures of my buddy, isn't he a cute little inch worm?