Friends Photoshoot

All summer I bugged my sister Anneli to get her friends together for a photoshoot, we never got around to it during this busy summer so we ended up doing it during a beautiful day this fall!

Before we met up with all the girls I took Victoria's senior pictures!

Lauretta came along to help, she is a senior this year too so i took a couple of her just because.

We met up with the rest of the girls at a fun coffee place downtown!


I love this set of pictures!

These 4 are all seniors this year, and have went to school together since elementary!

Poor Victoria, i never really let her be done, even while we were in town, every time i would see a cool spots i would have her sit down for another picture!  she was a good sport though!

I love the randomness of this picture!

Thanks girls it was a lot of fun!  
You girls are so blessed to have each other, and don't ever forget that!