3 boys (Children Photography)

I'm just finished proccessing this session!  These are my brothers 3 adorable boys! Their mom asked me to take the youngest ones 1 year pictures, but since i had everything set up I took a few pictures of all the boys!  Their mom takes lots of pictures of them so they get sick of ME taking pictures of them pretty quickly!  But don't worry we did get some good ones!

I have not had to many indoor photoshoots like this.  (check out another indoor/studio session here) With indoor there seems to be so many more factors you must take into consideration, one huge one being noisy/grainy photographs! I think i like taking pictures outdoors a lot better but it is still fun to experiment and go out of my comfort zone!

The youngest one Rylan!

I got a little close so it focused on his tongue, but i think it is very fitting for this photograph!

I LOVE this one it is kind of an unusual angle with his feet being in it ! but i think thats why i love it!

And i saved one of my favorites for last!  I love the curled toes!

I knew i needed to update now since i may be absent for a while being i have midterm exams next week and i have lots of studying to do! 

Hope you have a great rest of the week! thanks for stopping by!!