sunny cold day (Children)

Today i had a half day of school because of exams, I was sitting at the computer editing pictures and noticed the beautiful sun streaming through the windows.  I don't usually see the sun to much in the winter unless its through the window of a classroom, and since the sun goes down so early its already dark by the time i get home from school/work.  So i snatched up the opportunity to experiment taking pictures in the sun and snow.  Lucky for me my 2 nephews were over so I took them outside for a bit (of course i didn't tell them that i was taking my camera)  As i told you in the last post, they don't really like getting their picture taken so i knew i had to be quick!

Jamie really did not want to look at the camera!


I knew he wouldn't last to long! after one ride on the sled he was ready to go in (it probably doesn't help that i stopped a couple times to take pictures hehe!)

But Brayden stayed outside with me and let me take more pictures! (don't worry i rewarded him with a long sled ride!)

I like this picture in the sepia tone but i think I'm definitely a color kind of girl, I always seem to chose the colored ones!   Which one do you like better?

I was having fun playing around with the sun and trying to achieve some sun flares!  i give props to the photographers who master sun flares so well, they are pretty challenging!  this is the best one i got!  someday i hope to get a really good one!

Then we came in and had hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies YUMMY! 

Perfect way to end a perfect day!

I'll probably share more pictures from today soon!