My Photographer friend Brianna

On Monday we had a snowday! and all day i was thinking i need to get on here and create a post, but of course i never got around to it!!  BUT i did finally get myself a facebook page! i have posted some pictures there recently so make sure to check them out here and press that little like button!! :) 
 lucky for me, we had a snow day AGAIN today so now i am finally posting!!  

Sorry for the very long absence, but i seem to not have much to post about during these winter months!

Today you finally get to meet my dear friend Brianna from Simply Bree Photography

Brianna and I made the big investment of buying a DSLR camera together! since she has a more experience and has been in the business a while longer than me she has been so helpful along the way offering me many tips and encouragement. We have shared many conversations about photography, business and life in general! it is such a blessing to have someone to relate to in so many ways! 

She is ALWAYS so willing and patient with me and i know what she truly believes in me! 

She is truly beautiful inside and out and has so much love for her family and all the people that surround her! She is always willing to offer anyone who asks a helping hand! 

the first two are from an earlier shoot this fall, the rest are from this winter.

I love her brown eyes!

sorry for the grainy photos! i still have a lot to learn about taking pictures indoors! :)

thank you Brianna for being such an awesome friend! I miss you!

We have a long story that goes back to elementary! but since i'm a terrible writer i'll let you read her version of the story here!

remember to check out her amazing work while you are there!!!