The adventure we go on to get great pictures!

It has been simply BEAUTIFUL here for the past week, i have been enjoying the warm weather by going for a walk everyday, today was no different.  
As I was walking and making my way home for supper i noticed how beautiful the sun looked, it was shining directly above my house and the rays looked beautiful.  Knowing I had to be home for supper very soon i ran home and had my dad take the plow off the ranger so i could quickly go into the field and take some pictures before supper.  As i ran out the door with my camera, i said "i'll be right back, just going to take a couple pictures."  

There was still some snow in the field and whole lot of water soaked grass.  Right before i stopped to take pictures, i had to go down a big hill and then go up the other side..... (i forgot i had to go back that way and that i may not be able to make it back up the hill!) ..... I found the perfect spot and quickly took some pictures.......

Well i'm sure you can pretty well guess what happened next haha... i started driving back home and went down the hill and got stuck in the snow, so i backed up and tried many other locations but the same thing happened at everyone: drive as fast as i could into the snow, get stuck, then have to back out!

well i eventually did get stuck for good!! i tried going up the hill one last time and this time i couldn't even back up!! 
so i grudgingly jumped out and started walking home through the snow and water in my tennis shoes!

 since i never came home for supper my dad must have figured i got stuck... there he goes to dig out the ranger!

lets just say by the time i got home both my feet and my supper were pretty cold! 

wow my tennis shoes are looking pretty rough! haha

Have a GREAT rest of the week..... get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather! :)