Eric and Mara (Engagement)

I had my very first engagement session recently! i really enjoyed it. i can't believe how much i learned just from this one session!  I can't wait for the next one to put everything i learned from this one to the test!

Mara had told me before the session that the place where we held this session was actually where they went on their first date.  Kinda fun to go somewhere that means something to the couple!

(sorry for the funny image sizes i still have yet to figure out how to make them the same! but if you click on the images you can look at them all big in a little slideshow thing!)

 the second one is one of my favorites!

another favorite!

i love when the couple will just interact on there own! i feel this is when i get the best images!

this picture was actually taken during an exposure check, but it turned out to be one of my favorites! 

 i believe in the in-between moments!

for these pictures i told them to pretend that they were sitting in front of their first house! haha

thank you so much Mara and Eric for giving me the opportunity of such a learning experience!  Good luck in your new life together!

thanks for stopping by! hope you had a good easter and spring break! enjoy the rest of the week... i'll try real hard myself to enjoy the week considering its back to school for me tomorrow after a relaxing spring break!

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