hello busy summer!

well today i am here to post a couple long overdue pictures... yikes this photoshoot was quite a while ago and i just have not gotten on here to post!

as for me, this summer i started my first actual job haha... i work all week and when i have time i squeeze in some editing! i always think that i will just sit down and get a ton of editing done but then something comes up or i get distracted... o boy i seriously NEED to set myself a schedule for editing pictures, no lie! i always end up getting caught up on checking out someone else's work (other photographers blogs) and then look at the time and realize that i haven't got any of my own work done! does this happen to anyone else!? haha

i admit, i am a terrible blogger! its just so much easier to quickly post pictures on my facebook page! sorry! i'll do my best to keep this thing updated

anyway here is a couple of photos from a best friends photoshoot a while ago!

well hopefully i see you soon! haha
enjoy your weekend!

-Natalie Carolyn