new technique!

oh my i had so much fun with this new technique!

while looking through these photos see if you can find the area of focus... a lot of times there is a definite line where the focus falls.

the focus is all over the place with this technique but thats the beauty of it!

p.s.  not a SINGLE one of these photos are edited... straight out of the camera! 

this photo is way overexposed, but to me its perfectly inperfect!

i think this one is my favorite!!!! notice how the focus is on the flowers and then on the left side of the picture! so cool!

haha just had to add this to... kinda crazy photo but i thought it was cool

sorry for the terribly long absence, but summer seems to be soooo crazy busy! sorry! i do have a photoshoot that i'm almost ready to post though so there should be another post sometime soon!