Best Friends Beach Shoot (Friends)

A while ago i was looking for models and posted that i was on my Facebook page.  I was originally thinking of one model for a portrait session.  But instead i got a message from one of the girls wondering if 5 friends was what i was looking for!  she told me she knew thats probably not exactly what i was looking for! haha 
i thought about and then told her that YES that would work as long as they would let me take some individual shots of them also!
In the end it worked out great! instead of 1 i got 5 gorgeous girls to photograph! thank you girls it was lots of fun! i hope you enjoy the pictures!

ps - the portraits are coming in a later blog post!

there are some different pictures from this shoot on my facebook page! make sure to check them out here

o these two were such a hoot! they were always making funny faces and laughing the whole time! they were lots of fun! :)

see what i mean! haha!

just something about this one....

 love all their shoes!

 i couldn't decide if i liked the color or b+w better, so i had to post both! which one do you think? 

this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite i love the dramatic shadows!

i decided i love doing these type of photoshoots! if you are interested in booking one feel free to visit my facebook page and shoot me a message or post on my wall! i would be happy to meet you and your friends!

hope you have an awesome 4th of July!