Grand Marais MI (Camping 2012) part1

Last weekend I went camping with my family to Grand Marais.  It is such a beautiful little town on the water.  I would definitely suggest taking a vacation there! :)

My nephew Jamie called these his "ice cube rocks" haha! 

not really sure how the random flip flop got there haha! 

i let my sister Anneli use my other camera. it was fun to see her pics from a different perspective than mine!

haha and here's me!! o my i didn't realize how funny i look! :)

 this is also Anneli's photo... i love it! Brayden was looking over the bridge at the river below

 "climbing" down the sand dunes

 haha dirty camping face!

 i LOVE this one!! such a Rylan face! 

 I should hopefully have part 2 up soon! :) have a good week!