The beauty of mistakes

Mistakes help us to grow and to learn.  Everyone makes mistakes and more often then not we learn something from that mistake.  
Today when i was finishing up this wedding, i made a mistake while editing the photo.  I ended up loving the results!! not at all like my typical edit but i still love it, and plan on having it as an option along with my typical edit for the client.  I made a similar mistake while editing a family session a while ago! this one was the PERFECT photo to make this mistake on!!!  i LOVED the results! I posted it on my facebook page to see what others thought, being it is so different from my typical edit, turns out they liked it too!

 i learned something new in photoshop now! i LOVE expanding my photoshop knowledge!

now here are the 2 photos i was talking about!

love this, makes it so much more romantic...

Moral of the story:  Don't be afraid to make mistakes, you might just learn something new.

Have a good week!