Melissa ~portrait~

I met this wonderful photographer Melissa from Melissa Kate Photography for the first time at our shoot we did together! We had no problem finding things to talk about! There is always a million and one photography notes and stories to compare! Thank you Melissa for the awesome time! and of course the wonderful photos! (watch for the  photos she took of me! coming soon!)  

I LOVE photo-shoots with other photographers, its so fun because you can talk about technical camera stuff that most clients won't understand haha ;)  

also you can try things that you wouldn't normally try, things like dappled lighting, like in the photo below! I'm so glad I decided to try it, I ended up loving the results!

  So Beautiful...

 did i mention she's gorgeous! ;)

If you haven't already found her on Facebook, make sure to go check out her amazing work here! and make sure to show some love too! 

Thanks again Melissa!