A year of growth! (year in review) 2012

What a year it's been! everything has grown so much this past year, my family, my photography business, and my camera equipment has grown quite a bit too! haha, new camera and new lens!

Hot chocolate in January

Time spent with my photographer friend Brianna before she moved in January

discovered the gorgeous light in our living room! in February and also used RAW for the first time

more beautiful living room light in march

discovered my aperture "sweet spot" in April

feel in love with the "reversed lens" macro technique in May

Trained in my Sister Anneli in June to be my second shooter at an upcoming wedding ... this was taken during the aperture/proximity to background lesson! :) 

attempted the free lensing technique, also in June

welcomed a new piece of equipment to my bag! my dream camera, the canon 5D!

found a willing model to let me try out my new camera on!

...and fell in LOVE with the full frame beauty!

practiced for my upcoming wedding on my beautiful sister in July

got another new piece of equipment, in August,  the 85mm lens!


got to try out my new lens on my nephew Carter, born August 8th

continued practicing with my new lens on every subject I could find!

graduated to a new camera bag, that fit all my new equipment in, also in August

Shot my first solo wedding! in September and LOVED it!

welcomed another new nephew Benett, born on September 8th

met another photographer Melissa from Melissa Kate Photography, also in September

and finished the year off with seeing family for Thanksgiving (this is Carter 3 months old)...

and relaxing over Christmas!

and started the new year off by announcing that I am now booking weddings for 2013!

Can't wait to see where this new chapter in my life will take me! 
Thank you all for your continued support! 
Happy New Year!

Love always, Natalie