Andrea's Baby Shower ~Personal~

Last weekend my mom, two of my sisters and my nieces and me went downstate for my sister Andrea's baby shower.  Andrea and Michael actually live in Colorado, but were going downstate to visit friends so we all took the opportunity to visit them being we don't get to see them to often.  Once we were all going to be together we planned to have a baby shower for her... it was supposed to be a secret, but apparently we weren't to sneaky, it didn't take her long to find out! :)

short but fun weekend! can't wait to see her new baby! :) 

princess cupcakes that my sister Christy made that we decorated together! :)

all the sister and sister-in-laws (missing my sister-in-law Katie) and my mom 

Andrea with some of her friends 

my beautiful sister!

bet you couldn't tell that she's having a girl right? ;)