project 52 - week 19

To be honest, being I am the youngest in my family and I have no little brothers or sisters to take pictures of whenever I want... it is extremely hard to find subjects for my weekly photo project.  I am tired of taking pictures of flowers, leaves, snow... and any other random nature stuff that has to suffice because I have not subjects.  I am a PORTRAIT photographer, not a nature photographer! haha 
Pretty soon my schedule picks up with sessions and weddings, so hopefully my photo projects will get more interesting! :)  
This week there was no subject to photograph again, and I was being obstinant about taking another picture of nature, so I made myself the would have been more fun if I had a real subject other than myself, but it turned out pretty well I guess! :)

sorry for the rant! promise it won't happen again! ;)

This weeks theme: FRAMED

hope you had a happy mothers day!

p.s. it was probably about 35 degrees outside while I ran back in forth from my tripod to my place in a tank-top!  haha! I told you I was desperate! ;)