Fishing with my nephews (personal)

The other week I went fishing with my dad, brother and my two nephews Brayden and Jamie.  When I told my nephews I was coming with them, they knew right away that I was coming just to take pictures! haha they know me too well! :)

The sun just keep peeking through the clouds off and on, here is the sun shining only on part of the land! 

Jamie's reaction when his dad told him there was a fish on his line! :)

examining "his" catch

Brayden caught one too, but it was just a bullhead so we had to throw it back.  He was still pretty excited though!

I do believe this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE picture of far haha ;)

I took a little break from blogging because I have been so busy, but I have lots of wedding photos to post so stay tuned! 
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