So excited to be back!!!

I'm back!!! Did you miss me?  Boy have I missed blogging and taking photos!  

I have a really good excuse for my long absence I promise!  Only a week and a half after I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed, I got Appendicitis!  On Wednesday night, I went into the emergency room with terrible stomach pain.  After a CT scan and MANY hours of waiting, they told me I have appendicitis and that I would have to have surgery to have it removed.  After my surgery on Thursday I spent the night and got to come home Friday afternoon.  As if I didn't do enough sitting after my wisdom teeth were removed, I sat on the chair all this past weekend nursing myself back to health.

(the beautiful flowers from my amazing friends! thanks guys!)

Although its hard to see the bright side in surgery which came with me falling pretty far behind with my  editing and having to cancel many sessions, this couldn't have happened at a better time.  

Allow me to explain...At the beginning of the summer, after all my vacations and weddings were in my schedule, I looked it over.  There was only TWO weekends all summer that I wasn't on vacation or was photographing a wedding.  It just so happens that I needed to get my wisdom teeth removed this summer, so I scheduled them for the very beginning of those two weeks.  Even though I knew that the dreaded wisdom teeth were in those two weeks, I waited for that time all summer!  I was just imagining all the editing I could get done on Saturdays without weddings to photograph.  The first Saturday, I did get pretty much done, being I was already almost a week into wisdom teeth recovery.  But the second week was a different story, usually Fridays and Mondays (and Saturdays if I don't have a wedding!) are my days I get to work from home and get anything photography related done.  Not the case this week! haha!

Oh well! Although I am further behind than I would like to be, due to not having this Friday and Saturday to get things done.  Its monday, I'm getting a lot done today, I feel great and CAN'T wait for my photo sessions tonight and tomorrow!  Stay Tuned!

Here is a peek of the wedding that will be blogged VERY soon!!

Thanks for "listening"! Can't wait to show you pictures from my upcoming sessions!

Have a wonderful week! :)