Pablo and Whitney (Houghton County, MI wedding)

Pablo and Whitney's wedding was a very relaxed day spent celebrating with family.  Talking to them before the wedding, they described their day as a cookout with their closest friends and family.  It really was a cookout! complete with burgers, brats and much more delicious summer food!  

I just LOVED the whole relaxed feel to the whole day, both their families made me and Emma (my second shooter from et images) feel very welcome, almost part of the family! :)

I love this, one of Whitney's relatives was setting up Skype for her husband who couldn't make it to the wedding, he had a front row seat! ;)

Pablo and Whitney's ceremony and reception was held at her parents house on Portage lake, so pretty!

Just Married! :)

Talking with Whitney before the wedding, she said that Pablo wanted to cut the cake with something other than the traditional knife.  She didn't want to let him, because she was worried about the pictures.  I told her that if she is fine with it go for it, because they will definitely make for funny, memorable and unique pictures later.  I think they will both be glad they did! :) I love these! 

Before it got to dark, I stole them away for a couple more portraits. 

This rope swing was occupied ALL night! :)

First Dance as Mr. and Mrs. Quijada  

Let the PARTY get started! :)

This little girl was the flower girl, she was so entertaining!!! both me and Emma captured a ton of images of her.  You should have seen her on the dance floor! :)

family toast! 

They even had fireworks!

And to end the night everyone surrounded the bride and groom with sparklers! such fun pictures! :)

The last sparkler...

Thank you so much Pablo and Whitney, your wedding day was a blast to photograph! :)

P.S. I mentioned Emma from et images a couple times above, but if you haven't checked out her work yet, go do that NOW!! she does a wonderful job!  Thanks for all your help Emma!