The Color Run - Grand Rapids MI (personal)


The Color Run!!!

This is a trip me and my friends have been talking about for awhile, and it was definitely everything I expected it to be and more!!

 If you have never heard of the color run, it is amazing and something you definitely need to check out!!! HERE

What is the color run? 

It is a un-timed 5k that takes place in cities all over the US and while you run, they throw powdered paint at you in four different colors. You start the race wearing all white, but by the end of it you are full of fun colors!! :)  Its also called "The Happiest 5k on the Planet" and I can see why!

Note: by NO MEANS am I a runner, but it is not really a race, just something fun and active to do.  Me and my friends did a mix of jogging and walking throughout the race.  There was a lot of families with young kids doing the run, I think that would be so much fun to do someday!

before the race we took pictures of us in all our white apparel! :) (self timer, hence the unfocused image! )

I got the idea to take before and after pictures of each of us, i'm so glad I did...its so fun to see the difference!  Don't mind our crazy faces and expressions! haha we were just a little excited! ;) 







Don't mind the bad quality of the pictures taken during the race, I brought along my little point in shoot so I wouldn't wreck my good one! :)

coming into the purple...

terrible quality I know! haha... here is a worker squirting purple color on us!

Shelby and Kelsey after going through the yellow.

We were coming up to the blue at this point, you can see the smoky blue in the distance!

Kelsey and myself after the race, don't we look beautiful! haha

The BEST part of the whole race is after when everyone throws up their color packets, it looks so cool.  This is the time where you get the most filled with color! 

...and back to the car for more pictures! I was so excited to use my good camera again! ;)

 I'll be honest, it didn't taste the best!  By the end all of our tongues were purple.

On the way back to to hotel, we covered all the seats with old white sheets so we wouldn't get the car dirty.

Arianna our trusty driver! :)

my ABSOLUTE favorite image of the whole weekend!!! Thanks for being a willing model shelbs! :)

Still not convinced its something you want to try? Just google the color run and you will come across dozens of videos that will get you pumped up, believe me!