Jason & LucyAnn (Houghton, MI wedding)

When I arrived at LucyAnn's parents house to start the day I'll admit that I was a bit nervous about the weather.  It was overcast and was predicted to rain all day! ekkk!  

It did end up raining a little bit, so we had to do a little bit of relocating for pictures, but by the end of the day it was beautiful and sunny!  

A great day to get married!

for their first look Jason's talented brother Kyle sang and played guitar, such a cool idea!

LOVE this touching photo, while I was photographing the groomsmen, this is what my amazing second shooter Emma was capturing!

back at the church we grabbed a bite to eat and some more bridal party photos

This is another one of Emma's photos, it should be a mountain dew commercial! ;)

This was a lighting check photo, but I love it anyway!

I love this photo of the groomsmen helping Lucy out with her dress! How sweet!

This is my favorite photo from the whole day!! such happiness!

STUNNING couple!!

These two were so much fun to photograph, both complete naturals in front of the camera, and up for anything!  Makes for one happy photographer! :)

The stunning bride...

...and the handsome groom

This picture makes me smile!  I didn't tell him to make that face either! :)

the perfectly coordinated Tolkkinen family...

and the big happy Storm family

This was the largest wedding I have EVER been to!  The sides of the isles were even full

Lucy is so excited to be making it official! love it!!

Congratulations Jason and LucyAnn!  

Thank you for allowing me to capture you beautiful day! :)