Brianna Lynn (Newborn)

This little dolly is my dear niece Brianna.  My first time seeing Brianna was when she was almost 2 months old when she came with her mom (my sister Andrea) and dad all the way from Colorado to visit.  

Usually when I photograph newborns, they are exactly that...newborns within the first couple of weeks of life.  Being she lives so far away, I didn't get to photograph her as a newborn.  Miss Brianna slept the whole time she was here EXCEPT when we tried taking pictures! haha... These pictures are a compilation of many photo shoot attempts.  We walked around my studio set up in our house the whole time she was here so it would be ready anytime she fell asleep! :) haha

Although we couldn't do a lot of the curled up newborn poses (there were only a couple poses she let us do!)  In the end I think we got some great images! 

...sweet Brianna Lynn...

Precious little Brianna, I will be counting the days until I can see you again!