My Camera backpack!

I received this awesome bag for my camera equipment, from my dear friend Rebekah as a gift.  I LOOOOOVE it!! It was so helpful this summer for my weddings where I needed all my equipment on me at once.  

Rebekah is a thirty-one consultant, so this lovely bag is a thirty one original.  Go check out her thirty one site 


Special thanks to my friend Emma from 

-et images

 for the images of me with my camera bag, all other images by your truly.

Here is the inside... full of compartments to keep cameras, chargers, lens, you name it!

I love that it lets me keep all my cards and batteries neat and organized.

And my absolute favorite part... the sneaky little pocket in the back to store my laptop.  I also love to keep papers in there where they stay nice and flat! :)

Thank you so much Rebekah! Its one of the best gifts I have received, I use it daily!

-Natalie Carolyn