Andy and Anneli's wedding day (personal)

I am finally getting pictures up from my sister Anneli's wedding day a couple weeks ago.  I get to see them for the first time since their honeymoon tonight at gift opening, so I thought today was a good day to share! 

I laughed when I saw on Facebook that Brita who was the official photographer said she was posting some pictures tonight!  Make sure to head over to her blog right after to see more! :)

We started out the morning at our house with a delicious breakfast made by mother and sister Christy.









At many points throughout the day I handed my camera off to one of the girls, at this point I think my niece Lily may have had my camera.  The rest of the photos below are a combination of my takings and any of the other girls.






Victoria decided to take a turn! haha














Our breakfast cookers! :)


















































My very talented sister Christy made the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and last dresses!  Isn't she amazing!









Anneli made bracelets for all the girls standing in the wedding.






Our delicious smoothie and orange juice mixtures! yummy!!






Anneli opening the photo book I gave her the morning of the wedding.







Brita had asked me if I would second shoot the first look with her.  I was honored, thanks so much Brita! :)

I also got to tag along for the bride and groom portraits which was fun, thanks again Brita for being so willing to let me help out! :)




































The guys arriving for pictures...















Her expression when Brita told her to look at Andy! haha :)


Victoria had my camera for these close ups! haha 











Always picking bugs out of the dress haha!




Did you know one of a photographers big responsibilities is fixing the brides train! ;) haha























Rylan and Lynnette are the best of friends!






 So much going on in this one photo.  Greeting friends, getting hair fixed and fixing a bridesmaids ribbon! haha


 My adorable nephew Carter, he lives downstate so it was really fun to get to see him again!


 Rylan was posed so nicely for me, so I just kept snapping away! 




 His embarrassed face! haha










 Michael, Brianna and my sister Andrea





 Jamie loves his little brother, but Benett isn't so sure! haha








 Christy and Art's whole family, take note of the boys faces... they really don't like pictures! :)













Isaac has trouble written all over his face and he knows it! 








All the ladies in the family, I really wish my mother would have been around to hop in the shot.






 Everyone loved Lynnette the flower girl, and she sure took advantage of all the attention! haha




 me and my girls! :) 






 Victoria took my camera one last time for the last shots of the night.











Congratulations Andy and Anneli!


Make sure to check out Brita's site for the official pictures