Lance & Alyssa (Engagement Photography)

The day we planned to take Lance and Alyssa's engagement photos wasn't the nicest day! haha!

  We had planned to meet in Lake Linden.  When I left my house to meet them it was snowing, then when I pulled into Lake Linden it was raining.  Lance had talked to his mom who said it was sunny in Calumet, so on we went further north to chase down the sun! ;) 

We did find the sun for a VERY short amount of time, but then worked with the cold wind and cloudy skies for the rest of the time.  Thanks for toughing it out you two!

Alyssa wanted to incorporate fishing into a couple photos being that is something they do together often.

This one cracks me up, she got the hook stuck on something! haha

Love this one! 

In the end we did get rained out so we plan to do another short session in a couple months! :)

Thanks so much Lance and Alyssa, looking forward to your July wedding! :)