Dwight & Alina (Calumet, MI Wedding)


Dwight and Alina 

I took Victoria's wedding pictures about a year ago, it was so fun to see and her gorgeous baby bump. Since then they welcomed a beautiful baby girl, congratulations Tom and Victoria!

the second picture...model status much?! ;) 

Gorgeous sisters!

I love this one, warm socks to keep their feet warm!

Alina wanted to get some pictures done in the benches at church, I was so happy she suggested it as these ended up being some of my favorites from the day!

I just couldn't get over her dress it was sooooo gorgeous!!

Does this picture pull at anyone else's heart strings?!

Alina's brother Ben wasn't able to make it to the wedding so they skyped him during the receiving line.  

Alina put a lot of work into the reception details, it looked absolutely gorgeous!!

Thank you Dwight and Alina!

-xoxo Natalie Carolyn