Brianna's 2nd Birthday (Personal)

A couple weeks ago my sister Andrea's family came from Colorado for their yearly visit.  I anticipate this visit for weeks before they come.  It such a fun week filled with lots of family time and ending the week with a big birthday bash for their darling Brianna who turned 2 this year!  The past two years they were here was around her birthday so its only fitting when all the grandmas, grandpas, cousins and aunts and uncles are all in one spot to have her birthday party then.  Andrea's in laws have a camp on the water where its been held the past two years, all the nieces and nephews look forward to the party as well because they know that there will be plenty of candy! ;) haha

I am adding a couple pictures from last years party so you can see how big she has grown! :)

Last year at 1 years old

Look how big!! 2years old! :)

This year she wanted monkey cupcakes for her birthday, me and Andrea made them, it was quite fun! :)

White cake with a cheesecake in the middle for the adults, yummmm! it was delightful!! 

Two new darling babies to love this year, smiley Emma....

and miss Grace, we all can't get over her darling cheeks!

Brianna wasn't so sure about Emma's aggressive ways! ;)

Me and my three sisters, so nice to have us all together even if for a short amount of time.

Grandma's are absolutely the best!  This is Brianna's grandma Carol, I'm sure she looks forward to this week as well.  Brianna is her only grandchild so she treasures every moment.  (P.S. notice the announcement on Brianna's shirt? ;) we are so excited to welcome another baby into the family this fall)

See you soon silly girl, can't to see you as a big sister this fall in Colorado! <3

xoxo -Natalie