Brianna 2 years old (Children Photography)

Hello blogging world!! :) 

I had to post something to keep my blog fresh while I work on my vacation photos to share.  If you don't follow me on Facebook (link in tab above!) or Instagram, I was gone for a week on a cruise to the Caribbean.  It was absolutely AMAZING and I can't wait to share images with you guys! 

Speaking of traveling, being in the airport this past week reminded me how much I miss this little girl and the rest of her family.  When I was leaving the Chicago airport to come home I felt like I was leaving them behind in Colorado all over again and was overcome with emotion.  Maybe it was the long day of travel getting to me but I decided that missing people is one of my least favorite things and was wishing for a perfect world where we all live only a short drive away from all our loved ones! ;)   

Is she looking familiar yet?! you may have seen her HERE for her newborn photos HERE for her 8 month photos HERE for her 1 year photos or HERE for her birthday party photos.

These are her 2 year photos we took when they were visiting this summer.  

I have this photo as one of my desktop backgrounds at work and one of my coworkers said she looks like me, anyone else see it?  We don't hear her moms side (my sister) very often, everyone says she looks just like her daddy! :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

xoxo -Natalie Carolyn