Nick & Katrina (Houghton, MI Wedding)

Nick and Katrina were married this Saturday.  I checked the weather every day many times a day all week hoping that the forecast would look good for the big day.  It never changed from 35 degrees with a mix of rain and snow and thats exactly what it did.

We haven't had snow here in the UP for many weeks so even though it was predicted I was still surprised to see a white ground when I woke up on Saturday.   

Katrina and myself grew up together almost as sisters.  As first cousins our families went on countless vacations together and when we were little she was always the person I invited over to play dolls with! :)  I was there when Nick and Katrina first starting dating and its so fun to look back at those times and now be there for their big day 4 years later.

When Katrina asked me to photograph her wedding I knew that it would be a fun time as I know the whole bridal party and all the bridesmaids are close friends as well.  I right away asked her if it would be ok if I hired someone to do the reception for me though so I could enjoy celebrating with them.  I was so happy when she didn't mind and that Brita from Brita Caroline Photography so graciously accepted.  

It was such a treat to be able to experience the whole day with them and also get to enjoy the reception, thank you so much Brita!

She looked so beautiful in her dress!  

Her older sister Lynnette wore the same dress 5 years ago at her November wedding.  

I'm just now realizing that all three sisters had snow for their wedding.  Lynnette's wedding was in November so like Katrina's that is a guessing game what season we will have.  I did Marissa's wedding last January and of course we had quite a bit of snow for her day!

We did the first look at Katrina's parents house.  Although the snow was disappointing, it did make for a pretty backdrop! 

This one is one of my favorites! 

They might forget what season it was when they got married! ;) haha

The first look was completely snow covered, our second location only had snow in the air and our last stop was a gorgeous blossoming tree with no snow in sight. 

And onto the church for the ceremony and reception.  

I loved the colors she picked, so cheerful and springy!

Nick's dad owns a trolley that he fixed up in time for the wedding, it was such a fun time!  

The kids were so excited that they got a ride too!

Love these girls! <3

Congratulations Nick and Katrina, many blessings on your new life together! 

P.S. - Keep an eye out for Brita's post at

 for more reception photos! :)