Andrew & Colleen (Hancock, MI Wedding)

Andrew & Colleen

September 17, 2016

I shouldn't even say this "out loud" but it seems if there is rain predicted for a wedding day it clears up just in time or at least doesn't rain ALL day.  Saturday's wedding was no exception,  it was foggy and misting all morning and even a downpour on my way to the wedding location.  I arrived to the ceremony location at Mclain State Park to the lovely sun! 

I loved Colleens attitude about the weather.  I knew they had a backup rain option just in case but I never once heard her mention anything about it.  Instead, she rolled with the weather calmly and enjoyed every minute of her day.  

I met Andrew at the ceremony site where he as well was calming putting the last touches on the set up as the clouds broke just in time for a sunny ceremony!

I LOVED the color they choose for their wedding.  Purple has always been my favorite color and this shade was just perfect for their early Autumn wedding. 

Doesn't the fog make a lovely backdrop? :)

One good thing about rain on a wedding day is the lovely clouds that add so much dimension to photos! 

Thank you so much Andrew and Colleen I had so much fun with you and your families! :)