East Coast Road Trip


Road trip to the Carolina's

August 15, 2016 - August 24, 2016

My friend Rachel and I made a road trip a couple weeks ago that I have been wanting to do for years!  For some reason Charleston, South Carolina has always been a dream of mine to visit.  I was lucky enough to be able to visit 3 other great areas on the trip as well.  Myrtle Beach SC, SouthPort NC and Asheville NC.

We were gone for a little over a week and covered 3,458 miles in that time.

Our first stop was Charleston, such a charming area!  On our agenda was to visit a plantation and explore a little bit of downtown and see the colorful architecture.

We stayed at an Airbnb for 2 nights there.  This is our place, it was called the "Sleepy Shack" very cute, quirky little abode.  

Day 1:

We spent the first day at Magnolia Gardens and Plantation.  We slowly wandered through the gardens and trails snapping pictures as we went.

We posed for a lot of photos and realized that it's pretty hard to look comfortable and pretty while you are trying not to melt away in the southern heat!  We were not used to that humidity, it was quite the wake-up call for us!

Isn't this tree AMAZING!?!?  Awww I was just dreaming of posing gorgeous couples under these romantic sweeping trees. <3

We stopped to see the famous Angel Oak Tree.  Five hundred years old and absolutely stunning, a must see!

For sunset, we drove to Botany Bay Beach, a gorgeously eerie beach with skeletons of trees everywhere.  So unique!

Day 2:

In the morning we relaxed at Folly Beach.

This lady couldn't have been much older than us.  We could see some excitement going on and her pole bending dramatically, it was cool to watch them reel in the little shark!

Before heading to downtown Charleston we ate seafood at a Crab Shack in downtown Folly Beach.  I'm not a seafood person at all but made myself try some.  I got Mahi fish tacos and they were actually delicious! :)

Downtown Charleston is so darling and charming.  The architecture and colorful buildings are so much fun.  Excuse the lack of people images, every little detail caught my eye.

Ok seriously, even their alleys are cute! How perfect is the bike in front of the greenery covered door!? <3

That evening we traveled along the coast to Myrtle Beach for our next night.  

Day 3:

Delicious breakfast at Lulu's Cafe then spent another day at the ocean, this time, Huntington Beach State Park in Myrtle Beach.

This building is called Atalaya Castle and is located in the park, perfect backdrop for a photo in our dinner dresses! :) 

This church doesn't really relate to anything but I had to get a picture of one of them because there were EVERYWHERE.  All cute white churches with big pillars, I loved them!

Again we traveled in the evening to our next location Southport, NC.

Day 4:

 Southport is the cutest little seaside town.  We had fun exploring it and loved the romantic small town feel.

Southport has been used for multiple Hollywood movies including, Summer Catch, Nights in Rodanthe, A Walk to Remember, and Safe Haven among others. 

Day 5:

We traveled all day to the mountains for our last destination in Asheville SC.  We did a little bit of shopping and found a roadside peach stand where they served homemade peach ice cream!

Day 6: 

Early rise for a morning hike up Black Balsam Knob.  

To get to the trailhead we were able to take the Blue Ridge Parkway, an absolutely beautiful mountainside drive!  

I actually think the views at the lookout spots were even more striking then our hike.

Either way, it felt great to get out and moving and the views were still fantastic!

Wild blueberries were in peak picking at this time, we filled our bellies as we hiked up the trail, what a treat! :)

Our hippie friend we met, he had quite a few gallons of blueberries.

Later we cooled off at looking glass falls (well Rachel did, I wasn't quite brave enough), they reminded me of falls you could see at home in the UP.  

The next morning we had a scrumptious breakfast and great wake me up coffee at City Bakery in downtown Asheville before our long trek home.

Thanks for following along!

xoxo - Natalie Carolyn