Happy Fourth from the West!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday wherever you spent it! :) 

This year I spent a week in Jackson Hole, WY with my friend Sara.  We were discussing how we don't really have set traditions when it comes to the Fourth of July holiday.  If I was somewhere else besides home for Christmas I would have a hard time but it is fun experiencing holidays like the Fourth in new places.  Give me a parade and some fireworks and I'm all set!  The classic grilled lunch we enjoyed yesterday was an extra bonus!

We celebrated Independence day in classic western style, the morning parade was filled with horses and cowboys and our evening was complete with a Rodeo!

I will post more pictures from my trip in later blog posts but I figured I'd get this one up right away.  Plus I'm currently sitting in the Atlanta airport on a layover so I have some extra time on my hands before I have to go back to reality tomorrow! 

On August 21st of this year, a rare total solar eclipse will move across the US and Jackson Hole is right in the pathway.  This is a huge deal for this already busy tourist town,  and they have been preparing for the large influx of visitors for months.  I thought this eclipse themed float was super cute complete with mini astronauts! :)

That evening we went to the Jackson Hole Rodeo, this was my first rodeo experience and it was such a blast!  I wish I would have had a zoom lens with me to get close up action shots of the bull riders, it is a hard decision what lenses to bring on vacation when you fly! haha!  I'm excited to see Sara's pictures from yesterday, she was able to get some really great action shots!  You will have to excuse the iPhone quality photos of a few of these.