Kal & Nicole (Marquette, MI Wedding)

Kal & Nicole

October 7, 2017

A Marquette, MI Wedding

They always say rain is good luck on your wedding day and Nicole stuck with that attitude all day.  The wedding was originally scheduled to be at the Carp River Gardens in Negaunee but due to the predicted 100% chance of rain, they were forced to move it indoors.  I think Nicole's smile and optimistic attitude despite the circumstances struck a cord with the man upstairs! ;)  No lie, the minute she stepped into her dress to meet her groom, the rain simply stopped falling. 

I have been anxiously waiting to spend the day with Kal and Nicole since their engagement session last fall and the day didn't disappoint! 

Notice the weather notification! 

Nicole chose to keep the getting ready part of her day intimate and with people dearest to her heart.  I loved witnessing the connection between Nicole, her Grandmother, Mother and Sister.  There may have been three generations present, but they all giggled and had fun together like sisters.  I loved spending my morning with them! :)

Being good sports about the wind... or maybe it was the scene happening behind me! ;) haha!

I literally squealed with delight when the sun decided to peak out for the first time all day!  <3 

Notice the handcuffs?  He wasn't a ring bearer he was "ring security" and had fun with the props all day! haha!

It turned out that we never needed our stack of umbrellas.  The rain was done and we were blessed with clouds for portrait time.  Nicole wanted to grab a shot with the umbrella anyway.  They will remember their day in classic Michigan weather fashion.  

I think these donuts have been on my mind since their wedding! ;) 

Thank you, thank you! Kal and Nicole.  I loved sharing this time with you and wish you only the best in your marriage together.

xoxo - Natalie Carolyn