No Tricks, Just Treats


Happy Halloween!

I don't know why, but I really love Halloween!  What is there not to like?  Costume fun, oodles of candy and yet another reason to make yummy treats!  It really is a holiday for kids but I guess I still haven't grown up because I manage to find a way each year to dress up and celebrate!

My absolute favorite part of Halloween has always been seeing my nieces and nephews costumes each year and taking them trick or treating.  Two years ago I was going to be visiting my sister in CO over the holiday and hated the idea of missing out!  I figured the only way I could see their costumes that year was to throw a costume party, so that just what I did!  See our Halloween Party 2015 edition HERE.

The kids definitely have NOT forgotten about Auntie Natalie's Halloween Party.  A few weeks ago my nephew Brayden asked me "Are we having a Halloween party again this year?"

"Wellll I wasn't planning on it but yeah I guess so!"  

Clearly, I didn't take too much convincing.  It worked out that the next Saturday everyone was free so I only had one week to plan this time.  Yikes!!  

I know the kids had a blast but I think I might have had even more fun!  The planning and preparation portion is just as much fun as the party for me!

How darling are these Frankenstein treats my sister made?

All the kids received a treat bag that doubles as their trick or treating bag tonight! :) 

Each child made their own peanut butter cracker spider for a snack.  It was a fun challenge to find Halloween snacks that weren't just candy!

The deer costume!! <3

We played musical chairs to the tune of "The Monster Mash" and made the kids walk around the circle like monsters. It was actually musical napkins because we didn't have enough chairs outside and it ended up working really well.  The light breeze and how low they were to the ground gave the kids an extra challenge too!

PS - To my nieces and nephews reading this, don't forget to thank Brayden for the party because I might have gotten lazy and not done one this year without him asking! ;) haha!