Frozen Themed Princess Party


I moved into my own tiny home in December and have really enjoyed entertaining.  Hosting get togethers with friends, spending quality time with family and planning parties and styled sessions are what I live for during the winter.  On Saturday it was my nieces turn and they couldn't wait!  

My five special guests were set to arrive at 12:30 on Saturday.  They all came dressed in their best Frozen inspired costumes, armed with sleeping bags for their first sleepover at Auntie Natalie's new house! 

Grandma even made a special appearance at our party.  She worked all morning on blue and purple snowflake bracelets for all the girls, they matched their outfits perfectly! 

I knew I would find more uses for my beautiful blue dress!  Over the summer I found this treasure at a vintage thrift store in Jackson Hole.  It was priced a bit more than I usually like to spend on used clothes.  I resisted the first day but ended up going back right away the next morning to claim it as mine!  Turns out a big tulle dress doesn't fit in an already stuffed carry-on very well.  I had to ship it back home!

The "musical snowflakes" game was a hit!  This game is played very similar to the classic musical chairs.  Unlike musical chairs, there is a snowflake for every participant and when the music stops everyone turns theirs over.  If your snowflake has the "hotspot" written on the back you are out and must melt to the ground like a snowman.  You continue until there is only one person left! :)  

Gracie melting like a snowman!

My friend found this Frozen themed game set at goodwill a few days before the party.  It was fun to play the classic games of bingo, memory and dominoes while naming our favorite snowy characters!  Thanks Sara! :) 

The littlest princess at the party, Ella had just woken up from a nap and wasn't so sure about all the giggling girls! 

There is nothing quite like being an Auntie.  Thank you darlings for spending the day with me, I love you more than you will ever know.  πŸ’›


-Natalie Carolyn