Backyard Garden Party


Where do I begin?! I have been dreaming of these photos for years….well kind of. I grew up in my moms gardens and would spend summer days cutting bouquets with my sister Anneli. Everytime a new flower would bloom we would decide right then and there “THESE are the flower’s I’m having in my wedding!” Haha! We changed our minds many times each summer!

I’ve had a vision of a wedding in that backyard for years. Well sometimes God’s timing isn’t exactly what you plan for and visions have to change. I am the youngest of 6 kids so my parents have far outgrown the need for a 5 bedroom house. Maybe I’m extra sentimental but goodness saying goodbye to my childhood home is incredibly hard! Even if it wasn’t a wedding, I knew I would regret not having some type of party as a farewell. If you’ve followed me for awhile you know how much I love party planning! This was certainly the biggest production and the most work of any of them but it was so worth it! Most of my family was able to make it and it was so fun to share these last memories together with plenty of pretty pictures to remember it by! It was the perfect final hurrah in my favorite backyard!

I didn’t have a clear idea of what my “theme” or colors were when I was planning but I knew I wanted the flowers to be the main centerpiece and would plan everything around that. I spent enough time in my moms garden’s over the years to know that a large majority of the flowers were pink! I stuck with mostly neutrals with a touch of pink for a more classy look.

My friend Sara does beautiful calligraphy work and made the place cards. I LOVE how they turned out, it tied everything together so nicely and made everyone (mostly the kids) feel extra special!

If anyone is planning an event and wants calligraphy done to give it the extra touch you should contact her!! You won’t be disappointed!

I ended up keeping all the tables close to the gardens and decks so the kids could play in the big open backyard! Everyone had a little nestled cove for their private dinners!

We had a baked potato bar for the main course with delicious salad and fresh fruit sides! I had every intention of cooking the potatoes and preparing the meal. It’s a good thing I had family willing to help! I was so concerned about getting the tables together and picking flowers it wouldn’t have gotten done without their help!

I was trying to take all the detail photos, help with food and cleanup AND enjoy my families company so you can imagine I missed a few photos! haha! My SIL Katie and my niece Lily are both talented with their cameras and I was so thankful for their perspective and that they let me share their photos!

All the nephews played a game of baseball in the backyard. I love how kids need such few materials to entertain themselves. It was a fun activity for everyone to watch and enjoy!

Time for the much anticipated candy and sweets bar! The evening sun is hot on the back deck so I had to work quick to capture my photos!

Below 2 photos are Katie’s. Notice a pattern? haha! Hopefully my nieces and nephews remember what my face looks like NOT behind the camera! 😂

My sister Anneli makes the best cookies!! She made these pretty chocolate chip funfetti and my favorite chocolate caramel chip! yummm!

We had mini photoshoots going on everywhere! Aren’t my mother’s garden’s just stunning!?! 😍😥

I’m not sure how to end this post. So many feelings and emotions. I am so thankful to have grown up in such a loving and LOVELY home that inspired my love for photography and housed so many precious memories. Thank you for following my journey and listening to my story.

Separate post with all the flower goodness because they’re THAT pretty!

xoxo - Natalie Carolyn

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