Brice & Kaila (Livingston County, MI Wedding)


Brice & Kaila - September 1, 2018

An Elegant Livingston County, Michigan Wedding

I know its not Tuesday!  Sorry friends for the 2 day late blog post.  This week has been crazy and with Monday being a holiday, instead of preparing a blog post I was driving home from the lower peninsula.  I was so excited to spend my weekend catching up with friends and photographing Brice and Kaila's beautiful day!

I started my day off at Kaila's parent's house.  When I arrived, the girls were finishing up hair and everyone was bustling about preparing to get Kaila ready to meet her groom! :)

Most of Kaila's bridesmaids and friends helping out that morning are newly married or are planning a wedding of their own and I could tell!  They were all so helpful and aware of everything that needed to be done.  Kaila picked a great group to share her day with, thanks for all your help girls! ♥ 

I had to include this picture of Brice ready for the first look because it shows how fast the weather switched on us. I had Brice all set to go and Kaila was JUST about to walk outside to meet her groom when it started pouring. Usually, a porch would work just fine but it was coupled with strong winds and before we knew it Brice was getting wet!

We had to do a quick change of plans and hide Kaila away so Brice could come inside before he was soaked!  Without too many options we ended up doing their first look in the living room.  The entire bridal party were great sports about hiding out down the basement to stay dry and give the Bride and Groom time alone.

The rain was COMPLETELY unexpected so with a bit of brainstorming we found a new location and loaded everyone up to head to a nearby covered porch!

Some images its raining, some it's sunny and some cloudy!  Wedding days are all about rolling with the punches because one this is gaurenteed: at least ONE unexpected/unscheudled thing WILL happen! 

We headed back to the church for family pictures and were blessed with cloudy skies for outdoor pictures.  I always enjoy meeting the bride and groom's families.  I knew both Brice and Kaila individually but didn't know their whole families, fun to put the pieces together! :) 

These two were the absolute cutest!  So shy about holding hands! 

Thank you Brice and Kaila!!!  I LOVED witnessing your love and capturing your joy!  

xoxo - Natalie Carolyn