Detroit's Rising Tide July Meeting


Hey Friends!

Yesterday I shared on Instagram how nervous I was to attend a entrepreneur group meetup in Detroit. For a few years I have been a part of Houghton’s Rising Tide Society Chapter. It’s a National organization with a mission to bring creative entrepreneurs together in a community space and their are chapters all over the world. Each chapter meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday giving them the name “Tuesdays Together.” I have LOVED being a part of the Houghton group and have met so many amazing people through it! Being I am in the lower peninsula for a few months I decided to attend their local meeting.

July was the first month I was able to attend and boy was I nervous! My small town is quite different for the city of Detroit so I knew the meetup wouldn’t be small!

The meeting was held at The Grosse Pointe War Memorial which is a beautiful community space and Wedding Venue! I was so happy I brought my camera!