Exploring Richmond, Virginia


Hi Friends!!

I am currently looking at my summer and trying to plan vacations, family time and road trips. Summer is SO short and trying to fit everything in is always a challenge! Three months doesn’t sound that short until you are talking about June, July and August. Am I right?! haha!

Speaking of vacation, I never blogged my trip to Richmond this fall. I flew to Richmond Virginia by myself in October to attend the Katelyn James Workshop. I blogged that amazing experience HERE! I went a few days early to explore the area and get a little vacation in. I found out solo vacationing is NOT what I expected!

Living in a small town my entire life, cities have always stressed me out! My trip started out with quite a few flight delays so by the time I navigated the city streets to my hotel the first night I was ready to turn in early with pizza and tv! haha!

I started my first full day for breakfast at a close by Chick-Fil-A. I have heard SO much about this fast food chain I was excited to try it myself. I think my expectations were a bit too high, I enjoyed my meal but didn’t think it lived up to the hype! (sorry chick-fil-a fanatics!).

I learned that coffee shops are my comfort zone!

When my feet got sore from walking or I wasn’t sure where else to go I would find the closest coffee shop and decompress for a bit! It was interesting having zero itinerary and no other opinions, it was certainly uncomfortable at times but the freedom and spontaneity was a fun change!


Thank goodness for social media! I was sharing updates on my Instagram page and my good friend from high school reached out because she recently moved to Richmond! I was so excited to meet up with Jamie that evening! She took me to Carytown and showed me around the VCU campus. Now I am not usually a cake person but we stopped at a local hot spot called Shyndigz and OH MY WORD! Best cake I have ever tried! Seriously yummy!!

Whenever I am in a new place I get a major urge to photograph PEOPLE in my new environment! Now I know I was there for a photography workshop and I would be photographing people the very next day but those photography roots run deep ya’ll! haha!

I found a local photographer who was part of a learning photography community with me. I reached out to her and crossed my fingers she would want to meet up and exchange photos! I was so happy when she agreed! She lived in Charlottlesville, VA which was about 1 hour from Richmond. I drove to Charlottlesville early the next day to check out the area and found a stunning apple orchard called “Carter Mountain Orchard.” What a view!

Xiaoqi showed me around the stunning campus of the University of Richmond while we chatted and photographed each other among the pillars! Ahhh I was loving all the white, so many photo options!

I will share a full post of her portraits soon!

I had survived two days on my own and even found people to hang out with! 😉

After a fun afternoon together we hugged goodbye and I hoped in my car to pick up my new workshop friends! Wow!! The photography community has brought so many people into my life and for that I am ever grateful!

Did you miss the next part of my Richmond journey? So many more new friends, camera’s and good food in the workshop post!

That’s all today friends! Have a happy Tuesday!

xoxo - Natalie Carolyn