Friday Favorites: Edition 1


Happy Friday All!!

I hope you had a great week getting into the spring spirit! :)  I've decided to start a new series on the blog today called Friday Favorites!  Not all things shared in this Friday series will necessarily be photography related but instead big or small things that made me smile and helped to make my week great!  This blog was never just about sharing sessions but has been a way for me to journal life whether it be time spent with family, road trips or anything in between I've loved looking back at them. 

The unexpected positive of this series?!  I found myself being more thankful and appreciating little things throughout the week that I wouldn't have normally noticed and that is ALWAYS a good thing!

Without further ado, a few pieces of my week that made it great!

Bridal Shower and Girl Time: On Saturday we celebrated my dear friend Alexa's upcoming wedding!  I am so excited for her and am so thankful God brought such an amazing man into her life!  We all live in different areas so we took this opportunity to have one last girl's sleepover before she is a married woman!  We spent the evening cuddled under blankets, playing "The Game of Things" and laughing until our stomachs hurt and we had tears rolling down our face! 

P.S. I'm standing in this wedding and photographing another wedding 100 miles away in the same day!  (but that's a story for another day!) ๐Ÿ˜…

Spontaneous Adventures:  On Sunday my friend Brooke and I had plans to go for a walk to enjoy the gorgeous weather.  We found some four wheeler trails near our walking path and decided to take her new jeep off-roading instead!  We had so much fun seeing the area we know so well from completely different roads and finding a few new treasures!  

New Thrift Find: If you've read my website intro you know I LOVE thrifting!  Oh geez, it's kind of an addiction that my mom might say gets out of control sometimes! ๐Ÿ˜‰  I will admit, my closet does attest to that though! haha!  Recently, my mom, sisters, and sister-in-laws met in Petoskey MI for a ladies weekend.  We hadn't planned to do much shopping but managed to squeeze a bit in.  I found another skirt I didn't need but HAD to have at a little boutique thrift store downtown.  I wore it this week and decided I love it even more than I originally thought!  Isn't it a pretty color?!  

Aaron&Helen Livingston County MI Wedding_0051.jpg

Tuesdays Together May Meetup: I am part of an amazing national group called "The Rising Tide Society" and have been involved in our local Houghton Chapter since the beginning!  This group was created with the idea to unite creative entrepreneurs in the spirit of "community over competition."  On the second Tuesday of every month over 400 chapters across the globe meet up to discuss that months entrepreneur related topic.  While the content and ideas discussed are always so informative and inspiring my favorite part has always been meeting so many wonderful and talented ladies that I have been lucky enough to call friends!  Are you a creative entrepreneur that is interested in joining us?  Shoot me an email, I'd love to tell you more and meet you in person!! :) 

First Signs of Summer: I live in an area of Michigan surrounded by water with our two main towns connected by a lift bridge.  On Wednesday when crossing the bridge I was stopped for a few minutes so the bridge could lift to make way for a large boat.  "Bridge traffic jams" are a common occurrence around here and we become pretty accustom to them in the summer months.  This is the first time since the snow melted that i've had to stop for a boat, that must mean SUMMER has ARRIVED!! Yay!

Donut Date: Donut cravings are nothing to mess around with! ๐Ÿ˜‰  I had a sudden urge for a donut this week so I planned a donut and coffee date on a rainy Wednesday with a few of my favorite kiddos and sister!  My 5 year old nephew made sure to pick the donut with the most sprinkles! 

Friday Favs 5:11:18 .jpg

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!

xoxo Natalie Carolyn