Happy Valentine's Day! (with a recipe!)


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I wasn’t going to blog today but I had a few people ask for the recipes and in case you aren’t on Facebook or Instagram you haven’t seen these beautiful little cookies I had so much fun making!

I have always loved Valentine’s day and as I shared in my Instagram story today, I realized I have blogged more about this holiday than any other one! Haha! Must be all the pretty little treats I can’t resist posting!

Flourless Chocolate Torte Recipe_0151.jpg

Little back story about this years treats… A few years ago when I photographed Robert & Lauren’s Belsolda Farms Wedding I remember grabbing a sweet treat from the cake table for the ride home. It was rich, dense and full of chocolaty goodness unlike anything I had tried before! From that moment I was on a mission to find out what it was and eat it again! (I take my sweets seriously ya’ll!)

Flourless Chocolate Torte Recipe_0143.jpg

I happened to be at the Huron Mountain Bakery not long after and saw them in their display case! I was thrilled to indulge again and finally know what they were called so I could make them someday!

… mini cakes with the beautiful curls on top, I have thought about you more than I’d like to admit! 😉

Flourless Chocolate Torte Recipe_0145.jpg

Flourless Chocolate Torte is the name ya’ll and don’t you forget it!

Valentine’s day seemed like the perfect excuse to try my hand at it and oh my were they yummy!

“Flourless Chocolate Torte”

The Torte recipe I used is from “Well Plated by Erin.” I loved this recipe because it is naturally gluten free, easy (only *5 ingredients!), and of course delicious! *I omitted the almond flavoring

I cut the pan into individual pieces and covered them with ganache and white chocolate for extra prettiness!

“Perfect Chocolate Ganache”

Whomever invented ganache is my favorite because it literally makes everything look so pretty and tastes AHH-MAZING! I used this recipe from “Natasha’s Kitchen.”

Flourless Chocolate Torte Recipe_0150.jpg

I didn’t think my nieces and nephews would appreciate the torte as much as the adults so I found a chocolate cookie recipe that I decorated the same for them!

“Best Ever Chocolate Cutout Cookies”

I used this recipe from allrecipes.com. The dough seemed dry so I added an extra tablespoon of butter and an additional egg and only baked for 7 minutes. They turned out yummy!

Both the torte and cookies were covered with a chocolate ganache and dripped with white chocolate. Marbled affect created with a tooth pick!

Flourless Chocolate Torte Recipe_0142.jpg

Did you get through all that without a serious chocolate craving?! If so please come teach me your ways! 🙈

Happy Baking friends!

xoxo - Natalie Carolyn

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