Jeff & Ashley (Houghton, MI Wedding)

Classic Houghton County Wedding_0341.jpg

Jeff & Ashley - July 7, 2018

I am so excited to blog this wedding!  I have been keeping an eye on the locations for these photos for weeks!  See, Ashley's parents live right down the road from me, so every time I drove by I would look at the lighting in the yard and then check what time it was to see how it correlated with our timeline.  Haha!  (Now you know the truth behind whats going on in a photographers mind! 😂)  The daily reminder of the upcoming wedding kept building my excitement so I was more than ready to get these two behind my camera again on Saturday! 

After their engagement session, Ashely mentioned more than once how much she loved how smiley and happy Jeff looked in the photos.  During their portrait time on Saturday, I showed them a back of the camera preview and her eyes went straight to her groom.  "Ahhh, you look so happy!" "Obviously" he replied! 

Can you blame him?  These two were beaming all day and rolled with the hot and sticky weather like champs!

I'll always love first looks!  ♥️

What a good looking bridal party!  I loved the soft pink dresses with the navy suits!  The shade felt wonderful in the heat and this may be my new favorite bridal party shot, love how these turned out!  

Leave some love for them in the comments below! :)  Thanks for stopping by! 

xoxo - Natalie Carolyn