Jim & Katrina (Livingston County, MI Engagement)


This has been the year of photographing friends weddings and I’m loving it! This coming weekend I am photographing my good friend Kelsey’s wedding whose engagement photos I got to do out west! (See those images HERE and HERE) and this October I get to photograph these two!!

Katrina has been in my life for years! She grew up in Minnesota and I remember when her family would come to Michigan they would always make a point to come visit. My child logic always assumed we were cousins because why else would they come visiting so often? 😂 Haha! I remember asking my mom one time “how are we related to Katrina’s family?” Little did I know our moms were just really good friends, her mom stood in my moms wedding and now I get to photograph hers! 💕

It is such a blessing to have friends in life who even if you don’t see them often your relationship doesn’t change. Last fall I stayed with Katrina for a night on my way to Virginia and she graciously brought me to the airport at 5 in the morning after working late and not getting any sleep the night before! That’s just the kind of person she is!

Needless to say I was so excited when Katrina called to let me know she was getting married! I remember her telling me about Jim when they first started dating and I could tell it was something special! It was so fun to spend time with them as a couple and I can’t wait for October to do it again!