Jim & Lyndsay (Marquette, MI Wedding)


I have been looking forward to this wedding for what feels like forever!!  Lyndsay and Jim booked me for their Marquette wedding early last year and I was able to meet them at Kal & Nicole's wedding in October.  I LOVED spending my Saturday with these two and their fun bridal party and having a chance to catch up with a past Natalie Carolyn bride!  

Jim and Lyndsay met a few years ago in Marquette while she was walking her dog Shadow and the 2 (well actually 3 😉) fell in love in the beautiful lakeside town.  They have since moved to the sunny state of Florida but were excited to come back to Michigan and share this special place with their family.  

One thing I've realized in my years of wedding photography is how much of a "destination" Marquette is for couples.  Many of my couples aren't originally from the area but fell in love there or spent time there as a couple and it holds a special place in their heart AND in their relationship.  I won't complain, I couldn't agree more.  Although Marquette is the largest city in Upper Michigan it is RIGHT on the shores of lake superior making it a perfect place for adventures types and "city" seekers alike!  (Of course "city" is quite relative in this scenario but we are talking about the UP! ha).

 Lyndsay knows the way to my heart!  During portraits she knew that the LIGHTING was the most important thing and not necessarily the location which means they didn't flinch when I put them on a path next to grass covered in bird poop! Ick!!  No worries though, no dresses or shoes were ruined in the making of the photos, I was the only one who got dangerously close! 😉  Anything for the photo right? 

Enjoy a little peek (well not so little because I have too many favorites) of their beautiful wedding day!

xoxo - Natalie Carolyn