Kevin & Kelsey (Mountain Engagement Session)


A Grand Teton National Park, winter engagement session

This engagement session is much anticipated! Five years to be exact! 😉 I’ve been friends with Kelsey for many years and have always thought her and Kevin made the perfect couple! I remember talking weddings with Kelsey years ago and telling her that I don’t care what she decides but please let me photograph it! haha!

Kevin recently moved to Idaho where they will be living when they get married. All three of us live in different places so trying to coordinate an engagement session had it’s challenges. When Kelsey suggested going out west for the session and doing it in their future home state I was on board right away!

We did two days of pictures and because they were in such different landscapes I decided to break them into seperate blog posts. Today’s is in the mountains of WY and the following will be in the desert of Idaho!

The first day we drove a few hours east to Jackson, WY to do photos in the Tetons. Two years ago I spent fourth of July in this town and never dreamed I would be back! It was so fun to see the mountains in the winter this time. The snowbanks were still pretty high and I can’t count how many times we all sunk in up to our waists. I would be directing them “ok, that’s perfect, now I want you to AHHHHHHHH” haha! We had wet socks by the end but it was so much fun!

This barn is one of the most photographed barns in WY! I kid you not, look up “famous Jackson Hole barn.” How fun to have photos by such a famous landmark, the coolest part is we were the only ones there!

The next few pictures were taken later in the evening and the temperature had dropped quite dramatically! Kelsey was such a trooper in her dress. I knew it would be worth it though and it so was, these are some of my favorite images from the day!

One last stop as the sun set behind the mountains!

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Fourth of July in Jackson - Grand Teton National Park - Jackson Hole, WY