Little League Baseball 2019


It’s July! What?! Somehow June slipped right by and we are already mid summer!

I LOVE summer but there is just something about the spring season! Maybe it’s the novelty of being outside without freezing, or the blossoms or even baseball! I really enjoy having nephews in baseball as it’s a fun thing to do in the evening and a good reason to spend time outside!

I had 4 nephews in baseball this year on 3 different teams so that means I was able to watch a lot of games if I wanted! I don’t take my camera to games much but I made a point to take it to a few games so I could capture all 4 of them at some point.

Every time I take photos at a baseball game I think of how much of a teachable moment it is…. in regards to photography. Depending on which side the player bats from and where you are standing affects the lighting and image immensely!

Notice the below left image.. the light was hitting the front of him and I was behind him. This is the prime situation as it illuminates the subject well and pulls it from the background better.

Now look at the image on the right. Again the light is hitting the front of him but I am on the opposite side as the previous picture. The player isn’t as defined from the background and doesn’t pop as much.