Matt & Caren (Engagement Photography)


It's a small world we live in.

I had been "talking" with Caren over email for a few months discussing her wedding day and planning their engagement session.  She seemed like such a sweetheart and I couldn't wait to meet her!  When she got out of her car at the engagement session I said.  "Wait!  I know you!"

Just a few days prior, I was at a community event and had briefly met our area hospitals newest pharmacist (without learning her name) and had loved her energy and enthusiasm.  Two days later, the same sweet girl walked up and introduced herself as Caren!  We laughed when we realized we crossed paths without even realizing it.  

I really enjoyed getting to know Matt and Caren at their engagement session.  Alone they are both so kind and caring, so you can just imagine just how wonderful they are together.  I couldn't have picked a better session to fall and cut up my knee.  🙈  Haha!  So embarrassing but they were so sweet!

xoxo Natalie Carolyn