Roy & Brooke (Houghton County Engagement)


A Houghton County Summer Engagement Session

It’s been almost a year since Brooke first contacted me for their upcoming Autumn wedding! I was so excited to finally meet them as a couple and get them behind my camera! When Brooke first reached out I knew who she was but she didn’t realize she knew me right away.

At my past job I worked between our companies multiple locations and Brooke is a nurse at one of them. I didn’t get to work with her very often but enough to know I liked her, she was always so welcoming and easy to talk to! So little did she know that when she contacted me to ask about photos I was already excited and knew I would love getting the chance to work together again!

Brooke let me know beforehand that Roy is quieter and doesn’t like his photo taken (but what guy does?! 😉). I assured her that the engagement session is the perfect time to get comfortable in front of the camera so the wedding day is a breeze. I never make my clients come up with their own poses and instruct them exactly what to do while still making them look and feel natural and beautiful! One of the highest compliments I can receive is when a groom tells me how easy and fun the session was.

“You should call your business effortless photography” were his exact words! THANK YOU! I love showing my clients how easy it can be and how important it is to get beautiful photos that represent how you FEEL about each other!

I love my job! 💕

Brooke opted to have her hair professionally styled before the session and it was beautiful! Future brides, this makes a huge difference and gives you an extra boost of confidence! Bonus: You could use it as a trial run for your wedding hair! 😊

Want to know a little secret on how to get amazing photos?! TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! I know it sounds quite simple but it makes a huge difference in the final results. The poses, instruction and locations might seem silly but we have our reasons! I can’t imagine what Roy and Brooke were thinking when I pulled over next to construction equipment for these sweet pea photos! 😂