The Time Feeling Alone Pushed me Forward


The story of how one of my photography dreams came true and how it renewed my faith in God’s plan.

Hi friends! Today’s post came to be while I was writing about my time at the Katelyn James Photography workshop last week. As I recapped all the wonderful details of the workshop I started to think back on how I ended up at the workshop in the first place. The more I went through the story I realized there was a message in it that was begging to be shared. As I sat there in my favorite coffee shop I had to stop the tears from coming. It wasn’t until the trip was over and I was on the other side that I truly understood just how special this trip was to me and how blessed I was to learn a tough lesson.

Image Credit:  Katelyn James

Image Credit: Katelyn James

Everything that happened leading me to be sitting on Katelyn’s couch last week is nothing short of amazing.  Earlier this year I was at a place where I was feeling very frustrated.  I had an urge to travel but no one to go with.  The people in my life I would normally ask already had trips planned or weren’t able to make a commitment.  I started brainstorming places or things I could do solo.  I decided if I was going to go somewhere by myself, a photography related trip would be the perfect opportunity.  There is an abundance of wonderful conferences I have always wanted to attend, so I looked there first.  Everything for this year was already sold out.  Next, I checked Katelyn’s website to see if there were any upcoming workshops.  Same thing: sold out.  What possessed me to go a step further and contact her team directly is beyond me.  God must have known I needed a win that day.  I sent a quick email to see if they had anything scheduled for next year.  I was shocked when they responded that they had a few remaining seats for the workshops THAT fall!  WHAT?!?!  Shaking I paid the deposit and added “KATELYN JAMES WORKSHOP!!!” to my calendar for October!!!

You are probably wondering why I didn’t check with KJ first.  Honestly, I have always wanted to attend one of her workshops but never TRULY considered it because it seemed too unobtainable.  The more I play this over in my head the more I am amazed.  I would have NEVER reached out to see about workshop dates unless I had felt as defeated and lonely as I did at the time.  I REALLY needed a win and was determined to get it.  Had those feelings been prevented and a trip with friends worked out I would have never reached out. The “everything happens for a reason” quote has always been difficult for me.  I have now come to realize that sometimes the reason presents itself much later but the trick is in looking for it.

Image Credit:  Cait Kramer Photography

I had to feel left out and defeated in order for the workshop to happen.  Now it’s up to me to make attending the workshop 100% worthwhile.  Everything wouldn’t have aligned so well to make it happen if it was simply for me to fangirl and meet Katelyn (which I totally did Y’all).  There has to be a deeper, more sustainable reason.  Meeting so many other amazing women and creating a community of support and learning more about business is just the beginning.  Now it’s my job to do the WORK to continue moving forward and growing my business into what I know it can become.  Will it be uncomfortable and scary?  Heck yes!  But Katelyn, Ashlea, Christy, Rachael, Kass, Hayden, Keeley, Caity, Dakota, Kristy, Kate, and Rachel (love you guys!) all believe I can and now so do I!  

Image Credit:  Katelyn James

Image Credit: Katelyn James

I would love your support on this journey friends.  There is going to be some changes at Natalie Carolyn Photography.  I’m still figuring out exactly what those will be but am excited to dive in head (or camera) first!  See you soon!

P.S. As if there weren’t enough reasons to be thankful for this opportunity, a few weeks before I flew to Virginia I found out that this was going to be Katelyn’s last workshop for the foreseeable future. After 7 years of teaching photographers through small workshops, Katelyn and Micheal have decided to take a break and brainstorm what is next for their education business. I attended her LAST workshop!! Y’all that’s CRAZY and can only be chalked up to God’s plan and what was truly meant to be.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO - Natalie Carolyn